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Berry Biodiesel is a biodiesel producing facility located in the blue building beside Dairy Barns at Rollins Rumminant Research Center. Our main product is biodiesel fuel that will power existing diesel vehicles located on campus, but the by-product glycerin will be sold to our sister enterprise, Viking Creations.   

Berry biodiesel will provide a safe, reliable, environmentally friendly alternative fuel. Biodiesel is registered as a fuel and fuel additive with the Environmental Protection Agency. B100 (100 percent) biodiesel has been designated as an alternative fuel by the Department of Energy and the US Department of Transportation.

Biodiesel is fatty acid alkyl esters, which are products from chemical reactions between alcohol (methanol or ethanol) and organically derived oils, such as our waste vegetable oil. It can be used in existing diesel vehicles without having to convert the engine. Our processor BioPro190, is made by Springboard Biodiesel, a company with 57 school systems as customers, as well as customers such as farmers, restaurants and hospitals. The BioPro190 consistently and reliably produces ASTM-D6751 grade biodiesel. This means that the biodiesel being produced conforms to international standards for biodiesel and thus can be run in unmodified diesel engines in both the USA and Canada. It also means that there is less of a need to do constant quality control testing on our biodiesel  compared to with other processors.


Prices will vary depending on current diesel prices and percentage of blend (B20, B100, etc.), however, Berry Biodiesel will sell biodiesel fuel at a lower price than current diesel prices. 

For example, if current diesel price is $4 a gallon, Berry Biodiesel would sell biodiesel around $3.75 per gallon.   

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