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Fall 2013 Genetics Staff   

Taylor Sautter

- Hometown: Westminster, MD
- Enterprise Position: CEO of Genetics Enterprise

"Working with the Jerseys at Berry College has been life changing experience. I have learned a great deal about Jersey genetics and the dairy industry as a whole and have discovered a new area of interest that I would have never expected." 
Hunter Brittingham
- Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
- Enterprise Position: Marketing Manager
“The Genetics Enterprise is one of my favorite parts about Berry because it is an independent business that will give me more job experience than I could get anywhere else.” 

Anastasia Kolousek

- Hometown: Franklin, NC
- Sophomore

- Enterprise Position: Public Relations/Marketing Manager

“I'm really excited to be part of a program that represents Berry's agricultural heritage and tradition.


Elizabeth Canupp 

- Hometown: Gainesville, GA
- Senior

Enterprise Position: Genetics Manager 

This job has brought me a plethora of knowledge that I would not have gained if I had not been a part of the enterprise. I love what I do and the contacts that are made in the industry can really help you in the future. 
Kay Casto


- Hometown: LaCrosse, WI
- Senior
- Enterprise Position: Orthridge Farm Liaison

“I hope to learn more about how cows are selected for their genetics and why. It is all exciting to me to learn more about an area that I knew nothing about and now I am learning something new all the time.” 

Elizabeth Pereira

- Hometown: Snellville, GA
- Senior

- Enterprise position: Herd Reproductive Manager

“The opportunities that are given by the Genetics Enterprise are ones that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else and will undoubtedly help me in my future.“

Alicia Matthews

- Hometown: Brandywine, MD
- Sophomore

- Enterprise Position: Assistant Genetics Manager


Halli Holloway 

-Hometown: Greenville, SC
-Enterprise Position: Reproduction Manager  
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