President's cabinet

Berry’s cabinet is the college executive team, led by the President, and includes those vice-president-level officers and administrators charged with oversight of every area of the college. The cabinet is responsible for executing the college’s strategic plan, making major policy decisions that affect the entire college and also acting on recommendations from various college councils and committees. Cabinet members provide information and support to the Board of Trustee committees that oversee their respective areas, and make reports and recommendations to the full board. Activities of the cabinet are coordinated by the President’s Office. 

Stephen R. Briggs, President 

Alexander W. Whitaker IV, Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board 

Brian Erb, Vice President for Finance 

Debbie Heida, Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students 

Bettyann M. O'Neill, Vice President for Advancement

Kathy Brittain Richardson, Provost 

Gary Waters, Vice President for Enrollment Management