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HIS HISTORY (Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences)

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154. World History to 1550 - 3-0-3
History of the world from the first humans to the 16th century, focusing on major themes, ideas and forces shaping world history, including political, economic and cultural formations.

155. World History Since 1550 - 3-0-3
History of the world from the 16th century to the present, focusing on major themes, ideas and forces shaping world history, including political, economic and cultural formations.

205. American History to 1877 - 3-0-3
Political, economic, social, diplomatic and cultural development of America from the Colonial era through Reconstruction.

206. American History Since 1877 - 3-0-3
Political, economic, social, diplomatic and cultural development of America from the conclusion of Reconstruction to the present.

301. Film as History - 3-0-3
(See FLM 301.)

302. The Classical Age - 3-0-3
Greek and Roman history from about 1800 B.C. to about A.D. 300 incorporating a political, institutional and social perspective. Topics include the development of democracy in Greece changes under Philip and Alexander the Roman Republic and external expansion; the Augustan revolution, the Principate and later Roman empire; and the concept of citizenship in the Greco-Roman worlds. PR: HIS 154 or CI.

310WI. Modern Africa - 3-0-3
History of Africa from 1800 to the present. Emphasis on African culture and political systems, the slave trade, European imperialism, religious change, decolonization, literature and socioeconomic development, as well as in-depth study of three African nations, regions or peoples. PR: HIS 155 or CI.

311. Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages - 3-0-3
Examination of Western Europe from A.D. 300 to 1300 incorporating a political, institutional, social, religious and cultural perspective. Topics include developments in the church; barbarian migrations; the Merovingians and Carolingian world; feudalism and manorialism; Gregorian reforms; and the Crusades and the renaissance of the High Middle Ages. PR: HIS 154 or CI.

312. The European Renaissance and Reformation - 3-0-3
European history from the beginnings of Italian vernacular writing through the Reformation era; topics including the myths surrounding the Renaissance, the Renaissance's impact on European society and the development and spread of reform ideas. PR: HIS 154 or CI.

331. Early Modern Europe - 3-0-3
European history from the beginning of the 17th century to the eve of the French Revolution, with topics including the "crisis"of the 17th century; the Scientific Revolution; the growth of constitutionalism and absolutism; and the Enlightenment. PR: HIS 155 or CI.

332. Nineteenth-Century Europe - 3-0-3
Causes and effects of the political and industrial revolutions from the French Revolution of 1789 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Special emphasis on the emergence of modern ideologies (conservatism, nationalism, liberalism, socialism), unification of Italy and Germany, overseas imperialism, modernism, and the impact of political changes and industrialization on Europeans' daily lives. PR: HIS 155 or CI.

333. Twentieth-Century Europe - 3-0-3
Examination of political, social and cultural change in Europe from World War I to the present. Course will focus on the causes and effects of World War I; the competition among liberal democracy, fascism and communism during the interwar years; World War II; the Holocaust; decolonization; the Cold War; and European unification. PR: HIS 155 and 206 or CI.

335. History of England Since 1688 - 3-0-3
Examines the political and social development of England and the rise of the British Empire from the Glorious Revolution through the 20th century. PR: HIS 155 or CI.

347. Military History of the Western World - 3-0-3
Exploration of the military history of the Western world from Paleolithic humans to the 20th century; examination of the relationship between armed forces and society as well as the link between military service and citizenship in diverse cultures such as ancient Rome and the modern United States. PR: HIS 154 and 155 or CI.

349. African-American History - 3-0-3
Interdisciplinary approach to the history of African-American culture. Includes a wide range of readings and discussions, highlighting a number of themes contained in black literature, politics, art, music, philosophy and education.

354WI. History of the Modern Middle East - 3-0-3
History of the Middle East from the 13th century to the present, including discussion of the Mamluks, the Safavids, the Ottomans and independent states. Addresses imperialism and colonialism, WWI and WWII, origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict, independence and nation building, Islamic political movements, socioeconomic development and regional and foreign relations. PR: HIS 155 or CI.

358. Latin American History - 3-0-3
Survey of Latin American history from pre-Hispanic times to the present, with special emphasis on colonization, the struggles for independence, industrialization, nationalism, the rise of dictators, populism, socialism, democratization, national security states and the region's relationship with the United States.

360. Colonial and Revolutionary America - 3-0-3
Examination of the conflict of cultures on the North American continent in the 17th and 18th centuries; the politics, culture and society of the European colonial settlements; and the causes and consequences of the British colonies' struggle for independence. PR: HIS 205 or CI.

364. The Early American Republic - 3-0-3
Examination of the political, social, economic and cultural development of the United States from the confederation era through the conclusion of the Mexican War. Special attention devoted to the themes of Jeffersonianism and Jacksonianism, the emergence of political parties and responses to the era's Market Revolution. PR: HIS 205 or CI.

371. Civil War and Reconstruction - 3-0-3
Examination of the origins, course and results of the Civil War and the political and social problems of Reconstruction. PR: HIS 205 or 206 or CI.

375WI. U.S. Women's History - 3-0-3
Survey of the history of women in the United States by analyzing the changing images and roles women have held in the family, workplace, politics and society. Attention is paid not only to the common experiences of women, but also to the impact of race, ethnicity and class on women's lives. PR: HIS 205 or 206 or WNS 210 or CI.

385WI. Imperialism, Colonialism, Nationalism - 3-0-3
History of 19th and 20th Century imperialism, colonialism and nationalism in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Emphasis on theories of imperialism, European justifications of colonialism, liberation movements, decolonization, and the relationship of art, education, literature, gender and religion to colony-building and nationalist agendas, as well as in-depth study of colonial experiences in three nations. PR: HIS 155 or CI.

432. The Gilded Age and Progressive Era - 3-0-3
Problems and aftermath of the Reconstruction era, evolution of national politics, growth of labor movements, rise and concentration of modern industry, revolt of the agrarians and the Progressive movement. PR: HIS 206 or CI.

433. Recent United States History - 3-0-3
This course covers political, economic and social developments in the United States since the start of World War I, while also dealing with diplomatic and military events. Special attention is given to American participation in the World Wars, culture in the 1920s, the New Deal, the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam and the resurgence of conservatism. PR: HIS 206 or CI.

438. History of the South - 3-0-3
Social, cultural and political development of the Southern United States from the colonial era to the present. Special emphasis on the issues of Southern race relations and the roots of the contemporary South. PR: HIS 205 and 206 or CI.

445. History of American Diplomacy - 3-0-3
Examination of the economic, ideological and strategic factors that have helped shape American diplomacy from the Revolution to the present. By focusing on the relationship between domestic concerns and foreign affairs, the course will grapple with the question of how and why the United States became involved in territorial and commercial expansion, international wars and revolutions around the world. PR: HIS 205 or 206 or CI.

450. Seminar in History - 3-0-3
In-depth examination of selected topics and themes in history. PR: JS or CI.

491WI. Historiography - 3-0-3
Emphasis on review of the literature of historical inquiry ranging from antiquity to the present and analysis of the methodologies, interpretations, values, evidence and conclusions found in the diversity of historical writings. PR: History major, SS or CI.

496. Academic Internship - 3 to 12 hours
Problem-oriented experiences in specific academic projects relating to the individual student's program of study, planned in consultation with the student's advisor. PR: See general provisions for academic internships in this catalog.

498. Directed Study - 1 to 6 hours
Supervised reading or opportunity for written research in the field of history when the area of study is highly specialized or the material is not otherwise available in the departmental curriculum. No major may take more than 6 hours of HIS 498. PR: JS or SS and approval of school dean.

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