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The Student Community

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Students at Berry College enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of
self-governance. The Student Government Association handles matters con­cerning the general welfare of the student body, subject to the super­vision of the Student Life Council. The association, through its officers elected by the students, provides an educational experience that enables students to have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and use of the basic democratic process. Every student is a member of the Student Gov­ern­ment Association.


Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services for personal and academic concerns. Individual counseling is the center’s primary service, and counselors adhere to a policy that assures confidentiality. Other services include group counseling, outreach programs, peer education and testing. The resource library includes books, pamphlets, software, audiotapes and videotapes on topics related to personal development and academic skills. When appropriate, referrals are made to other agencies on or off campus.

The Counseling Center provides and fosters leadership in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and other health and wellness issues at Berry and in the surrounding community. Through the student-work-opportunity program, counselors hire, train and supervise a team of Berry students called Peer Educators who provide educational programs to promote responsible choices, attitudes and behavior. To support this cause further, the Counseling Center actively supports the Health and Wellness Concerns Committee and serves at-risk students through counseling and referral.

The Counseling Center is committed to promoting student development intellectually, spiritually, socially and emotionally. This commitment both complements and supports students' academic learning experiences.

The director of the Counseling Center administers all services and programs of the office under the direct supervision of the associate vice president for student affairs.


Multicultural and International Student Support

The Associate Dean of Students Office exists to foster a supportive environment for international students and students of color to live, learn and grow as active members of the academic community. Its responsibility is to implement programs and activities, thereby creating a more informed understanding of cultural awareness on campus.

The associate dean of students serves as the chair of the Multicultural Student Committee. The associate dean also serves as advisor to the Black Student Alliance organization and the International Club.

The associate dean sponsors and coordinates programs such as the Cultural House, Pathways, PLUS (Preparing Leaders for Ultimate Success), Multicultural Student Reception, Welcome Back Pack Program, Day of Dialogue, MLK Celebration and Black History Month activities, International Fair and the host family program.

The associate dean administers all services and programs of the office under the direct supervision of the vice president for student affairs.


Religion in Life

Berry College believes that an educational experience should include growth in the understanding of the meaning of life. Through the religion- in-life program and the Christian context of the campus community, it is intended that each student will experience the openness, concern and responsible freedom to facilitate her or his growth.

The college is a specifically Christian institution in purpose, although nonsectarian in character. The college chaplain serves as minister to all persons on the campus and is available as a trained counselor. Services of Protestant, Christian worship are held in the Berry College Chapel each Sunday of the academic year for the entire Berry community. Roman Catholic mass is celebrated each Sunday evening. Information on the programs of the community synagogue and various churches is coordinated through the chaplain's office.

The religion-in-life program is guided by a Religion-in-Life Advisory Council (RLAC) composed of students, faculty and staff. Religious-life lectures, service projects and special-emphasis programs by guest leaders are a part of the total religion-in-life emphasis.

Various student organizations, such as the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Catholic Students Association, Canterbury Club, Campus Outreach, MORE, Presby­terian Student Fellowship, Heirway, Exaltation, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wesley Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and others, provide an opportunity for further denominational or interde­nominational activities.

Community service is stressed. Projects involving faculty, staff and students provide thousands of hours of volunteer service each semester.

The Mount Berry Church is an interdenominational, Christian congregation serving the campus community. Its primary focus is the Sunday service in the chapel. It also provides a program of Christian fellowship and leader­ship training through educational, social and service activities. Membership in the Mount Berry Church is open to anyone in the locale. Students may be especially interested in "watch-care" membership, which allows them to be fully participating members of this congregation without affecting member­ship in their home churches. The chaplain serves as pastor of the Mount Berry Church.


Career Development Center

The Career Development Center provides a variety of resources and services to assist students in making career-related decisions, developing job-search campaigns and combining work experience with academic study.

Recognizing that most undergraduates will explore several career options before deciding on the one they will pursue, the office is committed to supporting this exploration process. Through individual career counseling, workshop presentations, assessment instruments and campus-wide programs, staff members encourage students to formulate their career goals and values and the plans needed to achieve these goals. For example, career counselors assist students with the self-assessment process-identifying and clarifying interests, skills and work values. Moreover, through the self-assessment process, students gain insight about relationships between college majors and various career options. A career-resource library, including a computerized resources system, is maintained by the office as an aid to students seeking up-to-date career development information.

As students prepare for life after Berry, the Career Development Center assists them with their job or graduate school/professional school searches. Recruiters from business, industry, education and government visit the college each year to interview graduating seniors during prescheduled interviews and career-fair events such as Employer Expo and Education Day. In addition, Berry students have the opportunity to attend a number of off-campus job fairs supported by the college. The Career Development Center also maintains contact with other employer representatives to whom students may be referred. In addition, the office houses a career resource and graduate school library to assist students with their post-graduation plans.

In workshops and individual sessions, students learn how to write résumés and other job-search correspondence, prepare for job interviews, conduct information interviews and develop job-hunting strategies. Job-vacancy notices are available to students online through Jobtrak, in jobs notebooks and at the Career Development Center..

The Career Development Center supports students seeking career-related work experience prior to graduation by maintaining information on summer jobs, internships, international work/study experiences and cooperative education (co-op). Through cooperative education, students complete a sequence of work experiences related to their academic studies. This sequence usually constitutes a series of progressively responsible work assignments during a period of at least two work semesters.

Co-op may be set up in an alternating plan in which students work full time during alternating semesters, or in a parallel plan in which students work part time (no more than 20 hours a week) during consecutive semesters. Cooperative education experiences are offered to students of various academic disciplines through assorted business, industry or government co-op employers. To qualify for co-op, students must complete at least 30 semester hours and hold an overall 2.5 grade-point average.

Berry students select the co-op work option because it offers them the opportunity for experiential learning-learning which complements their studies through related practical work experience. They also select co-op as a means to explore career options, to establish successful work habits, to help finance college expenses and to develop skills related to their career goals.

The director of career development administers all services and programs of the office under the direct supervision of the associate vice president for student affairs.


Health and Wellness Center

Prior to enrollment at Berry College, each student must complete a health-history/immunization record form. Services can be rendered in the Ladd Center only when this form is on file. All information contained in the student's record is strictly confidential.

The college provides limited medical care on campus. Registered nurses are on duty from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The college physician visits the cam­pus three times a week for an hour each visit to see students with appointments. Students needing treatment for minor injuries and illness receive out-patient care in the Health and Wellness Center.

Students are referred to off-campus facilities for treatment for more serious injuries or illness. Medical care at facilities other than the Health and Well­ness Center and ambulance services are the students' financial responsibility.

Students are required to participate in a group accident-sickness hospitalization plan unless proof of coverage is received. Complete details of the plan may be obtained from the office of the dean of students or from the Health and Wellness Center.

The director of the Health and Wellness Center administers all services and programs of the center under the direct supervision of the associate vice president for student affairs and the medical director.


Residence Life

The concept of residence halls embodies much more than mere residential accommodations. The residence-hall community is an integral part of the college. Residence within this community implies certain obligations and standards of citizenship. When these obligations and standards are met, a meaningful experience will result. A large measure of responsibility is dele­gated to residents through their elected officers and representatives in the areas of social life, extracurricular activities, discipline and the protection of college property.

The college maintains residence halls for approximately 1,400 students. All residence halls are air-conditioned.

Berry College recognizes that every experience of college life is an integral part of the education of the students. In keeping with this ideal, residence halls are designed and staffed to provide facilities that are stimulating to personal, social and academic growth.

All residence halls are staffed with student resident assistants (RAs) whose general responsibilities are to make the residential experience as worthwhile, as productive and as pleasant as possible. The RAs assist students with academic and personal problems and/or refer them to the appropriate resource persons on campus. The RA is an official staff member who is also charged with maintaining order in the living areas.

Each room is equipped with single beds, desks, chairs, dressers or chests, and mirrors. Rooms are equipped for telephone and cable-television acces­si­bility. All residence halls have the capability to connect to the Internet and e-mail. Berry has a closed-circuit television channel to aid in commu­ni­cating with resident students. The student must supply a pillow, sheets, pillowcases, bedspread, blankets and towels as well as the necessary personal articles. Everything should be marked with the owner's name in indelible ink.

The residence halls are furnished with coin-operated washers and dryers. Residence halls have kitchenettes equipped with stoves and microwave ovens that allow students to cook light meals. Ice machines and vending machines are also provided for the students' convenience. Living rooms in the residence halls are available for relaxation and various social events. Study rooms are also available for private or group study.

Berry College is a residential college, and students are expected to live on campus unless given permission to do otherwise.

A housing contract is binding for the entire academic year and may not be terminated by the student. Students must live on campus at least four semesters as a full-time student unless they meet one of the following criteria as of the end of the spring semester preceding the fall semester in which they desire to live off campus:

  1. Completion of at least 60 credit hours of academic work.
  2. At least 21 years old.
  3. Married.
  4. Residing with their parents, grandparents or legal guardian within a 40-mile radius of Berry College.

If a student believes he or she meets one of these criteria, the student must complete a Release From Housing Request Form to request permission to move off campus before he or she may do so. Please note that this is an application process, and approval is not automatic.

The office of residence life communicates with new students about room assignments, policies and roommates prior to enrollment. Information re­gard­ing room selection is distributed to returning students in the spring semester.

The director of residence life manages all services and programs of the office under the direct supervision of the vice president for student affairs.


Intramurals, Fitness, Outdoor Recreation and Athletics

An extensive program of physical education, intramural, recreational sports, outdoor recreation and athletics helps students fulfill their needs in physical fitness, personal social development and competition. A wide range of activities is offered for students of varying abilities.

All students are required to participate in the health and physical-education program as part of their general-education requirements. This program includes individual and team sports, dance forms and outdoor-recreation activities.

Two gymnasiums; an expansive, well-equipped weight-training room; three sand volleyball courts; many running and hiking trails; 10 tennis courts (four lighted); numerous intramural fields; and many acres of land are available for student, faculty, staff and alumni enjoyment.

The intramural and recreation area of the department offers a wide range of activities in individual, dual and team sports for men and women as well as coed activities. Richards Gymnasium sponsors aerobic-exercise classes, water aerobics, intramural and an overall weight-training and fitness program. Some of the activities include basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball, golf, bowling, soccer, tennis and racquetball.

Intercollegiate varsity athletic competition offers student-athletes opportunities in both men's and women's sports. Programs for women include basketball, soccer, tennis, cross country, volleyball and golf. Programs for men include basketball, soccer, tennis, cross country, baseball and golf. Academic requirements must be met to be eligible for a varsity athletic team. Berry's athletic teams have achieved honors at the conference, regional and national levels.

The Cage Athletic and Recreation Center is slated for completion in February 2008. A multipurpose facility, it will house the Health and Physical Education, Athletics, Intramural and Recreation departments. A 25-meter pool, fitness and weight-training rooms, multipurpose courts, basketball courts, aerobics and fitness rooms, classrooms and a walking track will be located in the center.

The director of athletics administers all services and programs under the direct supervision of the vice president for student affairs.


Student Activities and Organizations

To enhance its outside-the-classroom advantages, the college provides a number of student organizations and special activities in which students may become more adept in social and cultural areas, may learn more about subjects of particular interest to them, and may take added steps toward realizing their leadership potential.

These student organizations and activities have a wide range of interest areas, including music, drama, debate, business and the sciences; clubs and honor societies in various academic areas; student publications, with a news­paper, yearbook, closed-circuit television channel and literary magazine; and numerous service clubs as well as other groups centering around religious concerns. Full information on these varied activities of more than 60 organizations is provided in the student handbook, Viking Code. The Krannert Center Activities Board consisting of students, faculty and staff coordinates student activities open to the college community.

The director of student activities administers all services and programs of the office under the direct supervision of the vice president for student affairs.


New Student Orientation

Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) is planned for new incoming students and their parents to facilitate the transition to Berry for the fall semester. New students are invited to a particular SOAR session according to the date of their enrollment deposit. Several sessions are scheduled during the summer for freshmen, and two are scheduled for transfers. All new students will be charged an orientation fee-$135 for freshman residents and $75 for transfers and commuters. This fee covers expenses for SOAR and Viking Venture.

Viking Venture occurs immediately preceding the first day of fall classes. Activities during Viking Venture are available to provide opportunities for interaction with faculty, staff and students; for orientation to the counseling center, career-development and other student-development services; and for social and recreational activities.

New students for spring and summer semesters are also provided with orientation activities designed to acquaint them with Berry and college life in general. Orientation is coordinated by the associate vice president of student affairs.


Basic Policy on Student Life

Berry College accepts responsibility for directing the academic, work- opportunity and religious programs for students. The college also accepts responsibility for the conduct and development of students. "Berry College" includes the Board of Trustees, the president, all faculty and staff, all students and all worthy traditions of this institution.

Every student is expected at all times to recognize constituted authority, to abide by the ordinary rules of good conduct, to be truthful, to respect the rights of others, to protect private and public property and to make the best use of time at Berry toward acquiring an education.

Every student has rights which are to be respected. These rights include respect for personal feelings, freedom from indignity of any type, freedom from control by any person or persons except those in proper authority and freedom from rules and regulations not authorized by authorities of Berry College. Every student is entitled to pursue opportunities available in this institution. No faculty or staff member or student, regardless of position or rank, shall violate these rights. Those persons who may become parties to violations, either by lack of positive preventive action or by participating in administering, or in submitting to indignity of any type, will be held per­son­ally responsible. Every effort will be made to eliminate any unjust customs, traditions and practices in conflict with these rights. It shall be the personal responsibility of every faculty or staff member and student to cooperate with other administrative officers, work supervisors and officers of the student government in carrying out the provisions of this basic policy.


Additional Policies

In addition to the various policies of the college referenced elsewhere in this catalog, the following are important:

Students maintaining motor vehicles while at Berry must have them properly registered in the office of campus safety and must park in a student parking lot. Regulations for operation of vehicles on the campus may be found in the student handbook and in the traffic code.

The college does not permit the use or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the campus. Visitation in college residence halls is pro­vided on a limited basis.

The college may at any time require the withdrawal of a student whose conduct or general influence is considered harmful to the institution.

Berry College's annual security report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings owned or controlled by Berry College, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault and other matters. A copy of this report may be obtained by contacting the Campus Safety Office, then click on the link to the Campus Safety Report.

Additional policies concerning student conduct, including Computer Use and Ethics Code, may be found in Viking Code, the student handbook. A copy is available upon request in the office of the vice president for student affairs.

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