Web Privacy Policy

Berry College respects the privacy of all Web site visitors. The purpose of this policy is to alert users of the ways that the site collects, processes and protects your information.

Listed below are several ways in which our site/servers might collect information during your visit:

Network Traffic/Web Activity Logs:
In order to monitor network security, to maintain service consistency and to improve services offered, Berry College uses software applications and/or services that monitor network traffic, identify security issues and detect unauthorized software such as viruses. While monitoring the system, these programs may detect personally identifiable information such as e-mail headers, passwords, etc. In addition, web activity is logged that includes but is not limited to pages visited, site routes, date and time stamps, referring site information, IP or domain addresses and browser information. The site makes no attempt to identify individual visitors from this information. In the case of both network traffic and Web activity logs, any personally identifiable information is not released to external parties without your consent, unless required by law.

Cookies are small text files written to a designated area of your hard drive that can be used by a website to recall information, such as data that needs to be carried from one page to the next or to automatically log you into site areas to which you have previously been granted access. Cookies are saved on your computer and therefore you control them. If you prefer not to receive cookies from a website, simply adjust the settings under your browser options. Disabling cookies may limit your access to areas of the site that require them. Unless otherwise notified, we do not track your movements using cookies or exchange cookie files with third parties.

Voluntary Provided User Information:
If you choose to provide us with personally identifiable information while visiting the Berry website, this information will only be used for the purposes indicated. In the case of individuals associated with Berry College (i.e. alumni, students), submitted information may also be used to update your current Berry record. Each Web page requesting information discloses the purpose for collecting that information. You always have the option not to provide it.

As with most university and college Web sites, we provide resource links to other Web sites. These third party sites are not controlled by Berry College. We do not endorse them and are not responsible for their availability, content or service. In addition, these sites may not conform to this privacy policy or may have no policy at all. In most cases, you can confirm that you are leaving the Berry College Web site by noting whether the Web address of the destination page ends in berry.edu.