Latin American and Caribbean Studies Certificate

This certificate program provides invaluable preparation for students interested in pursuing careers or graduate studies related to Latin America and/or the Caribbean.

In order to earn a Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, students must complete 12 hours of coursework, including the LCS gateway course, "Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean " (LCS 300). Students must also demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in Spanish, French, or another of the region's dominant languages (except English). This requirement may be fulfilled either by passing a 200-level language course, or alternatively, by passing a language competency exam. Students of any major may earn an LCS certificate.

Students earning the LCS Certificate are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Latin American or Caribbean country, an/or carry out an LCS-related internship (either locally or abroad).

Students interested in earning a Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies should contact the LCS Program Director for further information and an application form.

Gateway Course: LCS 300 Intro to Latin America & the Caribbean (3 hours)

This is a three-hour course that provides students with a general introduction to the region. It is offered every Spring. Students may receive ANT credit for taking this class, in addition to LCS credit.

Electives--selected from at least 2 disciplines (9 hours)

Electives earning LCS credit include the following:

ANT 380*
ART 330
BUS 410*
BIO 482
BIO 483
EDU 222
ENG 332*
GEO 150
GOV 358
HIS 358
LCS 450
LCS 496
LCS 498
SPA 311
SPA 324
SPA 403
SPA 404*
SPA 405*

Latinos in the United States
Applying Anthropology
Pre-Colombian & Latin American Art
International Business
Coral Reef Ecology (Belize)
Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation (Costa Rica)
Exploration in Diverse Cultures (Latin American or Caribbean sites only)
Post Colonial Literature
Geology of the Bahamas
Politics of Latin America
Latin American History
Seminar in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Directed Study (and Study Abroad)
Survey of Spanish-American Literature
Hispanic Culture
Contemporary Spanish-American Literature
Spanish Business Communication
Topics in Spanish

*For these courses to be granted LCS credit, the instructors must provide assurance that at least 25 percent of course content is LCS-related. (Study-abroad or classes taught in the region are exempt from this requirement).

Language Proficiency in Spanish, French, Portuguese or another language widely spoken in the region.

Students must earn a passing grade in Spanish 200 or French 200, or otherwise demonstrate proficiency in Spanish, French, or another language widely spoken in the region.