Summer Study Abroad

Students who wish to participate in a Berry College faculty-led summer program should meet with the faculty program leader for information and requirements. Students will register for these courses during spring pre-registration for summer session. A list of summer programs is available  here, and the necessary forms to participate are on the IP page on the "Community" tab of  Viking Web under "Student Forms - SIPs."

Any student interested in studying, interning or doing service learning abroad independently (that is, not on a non-faculty led program) should complete & submit the three forms on the IP page on the "Community" tab of  Viking Web and then call 706-233-4065706-233-4065 to schedule an advising session with the International Programs Director.  There are two ways to earn credit on an independent summer program

1. Students may apply to any summer program as a  transient student and work directly with the program to pay fees, etc.  Note that no financial aid, including HOPE and IP scholarships, may be applied to a summer program. Students should be aware that transient credit is not considered "in residence" and be familiar with Berry's  "Major and Minor Requirements." 

2. To apply an International Programs scholarship and/or HOPE (if taking at least 6 hours), students pay Berry summer tuition.  They register for STA 305 during spring pre-registration for summer session. Students will pay Berry tuition, program housing and meals, and any difference if the program's tuition exceeds Berry's. Be sure you know the cost of tuition before applying for an IP scholarship so you know whether it is more economical for you to study as a transient or a Berry student. (Studying through Berry even with the scholarship could still be more expensive than studying directly on the program as a transient student.) Students may only participate in approved programs when enrolled through Berry for summer.

Please note that summer programs are usually out of pocket, as students generally have little financial aid remaining from the previous fall and spring. Contact the financial aid office to confirm your awards. Students studying as transient should submit the original, completed transient form to the Registrar's office and a copy to International Programs by March 15.  

If studying through Berry rather than as a transient, the following documents must be submitted to International Programs by March 15: 
1. course substitution form with course descriptions
2. waiver of liability

Financial aid, including tuition remission, may be used toward only one study abroad experience.  For information on how to study abroad for a semester, click here